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How To Prepare For A Clothing Swap


Before Swap Day
1. Clean your closets, drawers and/or storage areas. *
2. Wash and sort unwanted items: Womens, Mens and Kids: Tops, Sweaters, Outerwear, Shorts, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Lingerie, Costumes!!, Footwear, Fabric, Books & Miscellaneous . . .
3. Place as many items as possible on hangers - especially professional and dressy clothing.
4. Fold the remainder and pack into boxes and bags.
5. If an item is absolutely worn out, please recycle or discard. Do not bring it to the swap!

On Swap Day
1. Dress in loose comfortable clothes. Bring a large unique bag to stash your selections in.
2. Things get lost easily; leave valuables at home!
3. Remember to car pool! It is more fun, ecological and parking is limited.
4. At the swap, put your items out on the racks and tables in the designated areas.
5. Take the items you want, hang or refold your rejects and put them back in the proper place.
6. Please help clean up! Remainders must be packed into boxes and taken to charitable organizations.
7. Got a favorite charity? You are welcome to take items for them.
8. If your big items have not been selected, you must take them when you leave.

* As you sort and organize summer and winter belongings, pull out unwanted items: clothing that doesn’t fit, accessories that no longer suit your lifestyle, sale items that did not work out… Be sure to include unused but well meaning gifts – such as books you' never read or holiday sweatshirts embellished with merry pigs - sorry, Mom! Give these ietms to friends, neighbors or local charities, sell them at garage sales or on-line, post them as free-bees on local bulletin boards or bring them to a clothing swap!/