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Practice Environmental Time Management - Save Time and Resources!

How we spend our time reflects who we are and what we consider important. Not only is every dollar a vote, every action is a vote and every minute is a vote.

(To be added soon: The check list at right is a sample of eco-possibilities. Remember, you do not need to do all of them all to live lightly.)

Time management is the key to living a low impact life and to developing new habits. Everybody has to start somewhere, and simple, straightforward practices - like preparing our own food, reusing bags and driving less, help us address complicated challenges like unwanted food additives, resource shortages, landfill closures and air pollution.

The choices individuals make day-to-day really matter, and the sooner we shrink our individual footprints the better it will be for the earth and all living beings. Living Green has a blog domiciled on the Press Democrat web site. This blog is about all things green – philosophies, strategies, practices and events. Topics run the gauntlet with particular emphasis on personal choice, time management and local angles.

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