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Zero Waste Action - Sonoma County

Zero Waste Action Team – 2019
Please sign-up to be a ZWA-SC volunteer. We hold a variety of events through the year including swaps, tours and outreach like presentations and tabling. Small tasks are available as well a large. Need organizers, event day volunteers, social media posters, writers, photographers... Send us a note - lite at, with your contact info and interests.

(Yes, the info below quite out of date... in part because we have been so busy collaborating with others with the same goals...)

Zero Waste Action - Sonoma County (ZWA) is a working group of advocates helping Sonoma County, the Bay Area, California and the whole world move toward economies in which waste has been designed out of the system. Founded in 2003, our goal is to facilitate local groups and individual advocates of wasting less to join together in helping Sonoma County become a Zero Waste county with a Zero Waste Goal and a Zero Waste Plan.

Our focus is on research, outreach, workshop development and presentations to community groups and city councils. To sign up for our e-list please send a note to zwsonoma @ and also join our Facebook and Meetup groups.

Activities include local and regional Zero Waste related projects and events as well as the reuse and repair programs, fairs and swaps listed on the menu at left.

The 2014 Sonoma County Waste Less Food Series was produced and facilitated by ZWSC: Three monthly meet-ups in collaboration with the Share Exchange were held in Santa Rosa. The intent was to encourage local groups and individuals working on wasting less to get to know each other better, and lay the foundation for establishing Sonoma as a Zero Waste County. The first session introduced the local players, the second focused on x and the third on restaurants, grocery stores and businesses as well as at home.

In early 2010 ZWSC initiated and produced three landfill issues and Zero Waste communities events co-sponsored by the Sonoma County Conservation Council and Sierra Club, Sonoma Group as well as Urban Ore, Inc. and Global Material Recovery Services:

-- January 6, Sonoma County Waste Management System Discussion, Sonoma County Environmental Center
-- March 6, Turning the Tide on Waste, Sebastopol Veterans Auditorium
-- April 29, The Climate Impacts - of Waste and Local Green Businesses, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, also sponsored by the League of Women Voters

2005 Trash Talk at New College also initiated and organized by ZWSC reported in the Bohemian.

... discussion of the LTF document entitled Planning For Zero Waste In Sonoma County and the Zero Waste Brain Trust which is explained on the next page.