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Driving Less and More Efficiently
Driving less is one of the most environmentally meaningful actions an individual can undertake. Could you drive less? Could your organization?

How about starting with Car-Free Day - the first Sunday of every month? Use the Drive-Less List below to give you some ideas.

If you must drive on Car-Free Day, please carpool, plan your trip carefully and pick another day to be car-free.

How To Drive Less
Walk and bike safely
Clump errands
Plan meals and trips
Carpool - it's good for your social life
Work close to home
Select safe efficient cars; share when possible
Take public transit when possible
Keep vehicles well maintained and tires properly inflated
Rent other vehicles as needed
Vacation close to home

Car-Lite Programs
Car-Free Day
The first Sunday of every month is Car-Free Day. Please leave your car parked and walk, bike or take public transit. Let those around you know what you are doing and why. If you must drive, please plan trips carefully, carpool and pick another day to be car-free.

Car-Lite Pledge
This straightforward document records people’s agreement with themselves to drive less and the amount they plan to reduce. In Fall 2002, 1,000 pledges were collected, representing more then 5,000 car-free days per month, or 60,000 per year. This will soon be a web service.

Car-Lite Partners
Groups, agencies, businesses and individuals are invited to sign up as Car-Lite Partners. After reading the Partners informational packet, you can select your level of involvement:

Posting a Car-Lite sign at home and/or your place of business.
Incorporating drive less and other green concepts into event design and materials.
Being listed publicly as a Partner.
Helping other events to go green.
Adding our web link to your web site