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Zero Waste Brain Trust

The Zero Waste Brain Trust (ZWBT) is an informal coalition of professionals committed to the transition to a world without waste. Starting in California in Summer 2010, we are creating a world-wide collaborative network that supports the development of systems that work well for all stakeholders – residents, businesses, service providers, workers, neighbors, jurisdictions and regulators.

Intent on collecting and cultivating game-changing concepts, we are also interested in key strategies and incentives that will benefit all stakeholders working towards Zero Waste. Our current focus is on developing a system of municipal policies, RFPs, contracts, ordinances, and incentives that will result in Zero Waste.

Three stimulating brainstorms and a large roundtable were held in Summer 2010. More than 100 people took part in one or more. These events and tasks are sponsored by LITE/Zero Waste Sonoma County, the City of San Francisco, the Northern California Recycling Association, Global Recycling Council of the California Resource Recovery Association, GrassRoots Recycling Network and Zero Waste Sonoma County, assisted by a research grant from the Altamont Educational Advisory Board. In addition, Urban Ore, Inc. and Global Materials Recovery Services sponsored related 2010 Zero Waste Sonoma County events that contributed to the development of this effort. Thank you very much sponsors!!!

Like many ideas, the inspiration of coming together to develop new strategies was independently conceived of by numerous people at numerous times. The ZWBT was conceived in 2009 and initiated in early 2010 by LITE's Portia Sinnott with help from Kevin Drew and Ruth Abbe. The ZWBT Core Team, led by Portia Sinnott, includes Linda Christopher and Gary Liss with input from Mary O’Connor, Tedd Ward and Stephanie Barger. The ZWBT Advisory Board includes all of the above plus Pam Ledesma, Donald Oliveira, Annette Puskarich, Mary Lou Van Deventer, Dan Knapp, PhD., Skip Lacaze, Arthur Robinson Boone, Teresa Bradley and John Moore. (please update)

Thank you very much to everyone investing time and thought in the Brain Trust!

For more information please visit the ZWBT Blog: