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Wasting Less Food Meet-Up
Zero Waste Sonoma County Lecture Series
Starting February 12, Zero Waste Sonoma County and Share Exchange are holding monthly Zero Waste meet-ups at the Share Exchange in Santa Rosa. Our goal is to encourage local groups and individuals working on wasting less to get to know each other better, and lay the foundation for establishing Sonoma as a Zero Waste County.

The first series is on Wasting Less Food – at restaurants and businesses as well as at home. The focus will be on buying less, consuming less, discarding less and reusing as much as possible. (Please note: these meet-ups are not about recycling or organics collection or processing. Let Portia know if you would like to these added to the list of future topics.)

We have panel commitments from
Food advocate and writer Michele Anna Jordan
Zeno Swijtink of the Russian River Chapter of Slow Food
Melita Love of Farm To Pantry Gleaners
Will Bakx of Sonoma Compost
Nick Papadopoulos of Crop Mobster
June Michaels on FoodRunners

The meeting will start at 5:30pm with networking accompanied by hearty snacks and posters. After quick introductions, the panelists will dialog for 45 minutes followed by an open discussion. The posters will define Zero Waste and showcase NRDC’s Food Waste work including “Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill”, and ”The Dating Game: How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America”,

Future topics include clothing, textiles and general reuse and repair. ZWSC is also planning an early Summer or Fall one-day Zero Waste event hosted by LITE, the Sonoma County Local Task Force on Integrated Waste Management (LTF) and the SCCC (Sonoma County Conservation Council). More on that at the meet-up.

Please RSVP at or to lite at if you are not on Facebook.

Tuesday, 12/10/13, Science Buzz Cafe, Coffee Catz
The resident bike expert at LITE Initiatives' Community Bikes, Michael Teller will again entertain us with the amazing contributions of bicycle technology. Last time he addressed early bicycle history and the impacts bikes made on early 1900 personal transport and
inventions. This time he will address related topics such as the development of our interstate roadways, wheel chairs, brakes, transmissions, gearing systems and tires and more.

LITE Initiatives, in cooperation with Sebastopol Grange #306 and Transition Sebastopol presents the 2nd annual LITE/Grange/Transition Holiday GiftAway and Clothing Swap on Sunday, November 24, from 1-3pm at the Sebastopol Grange, 6000 Sebastopol Rd. (Hwy. 12). LITE ED and Zero Waste Advocate Portia Sinnott will also be giving a free Introduction to Zero Waste Communities presentation at the GiftAway at 2pm.

This is a community event. Each adult and teen must volunteer for 30 minutes and/or chip in $5. Young people under 18 are free. For more info, visit these pages:

Facebook - 2013 Holiday GiftAway and Clothing Swap
Facebook - LITE Clothing Swaps

Thanks to Sebastopol Grange and Transition Sebastopol for collorborating! and

Tuesday, 10/22/13, Science /Buzz Cafe, Coffee Catz
Presentation by Portia Sinnott, Zero Waste Sonoma County/LITE
Can redefining our discards as resources rather than waste really help reduce our climate impacts? What do consumers and science buffs need to know to take part and make a contribution? According to Portia, there is no doubt about it, Zero Waste has gone mainstream. Scores of forward thinking jurisdictions and companies around the globe are using it as a key organizing strategy. They must think it is possible, but is it practical? What are the pros and cons and how do we get there?

BIKE EXTRAVAGANZA, Saturday, July 13th, 10am-5pm
An all day event of all things Bicycle

Meet professional racers
Talk to bike builders
See Vintage Bikes, Race Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Electric Assist Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Art Bikes...

Free to all. Flyer posted below.

Sale continues Sunday, July 14th, 10am-5pm

Visit us on Facebook:
Community Bikes SR and Community Bikes Santa Rosa

Community Bikes presents an extravaganza showcasing all aspects of bikes from racing bikes to art bikes to maintenance and education! Something for everyone! Come join us for exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, film, bike-art, frame builders, and celebration of bike culture! FREE to the public ~ all ages.

Located conveniently at Community Bikes near Joe Rododa Trail and Highway 12 at 4009 Sebastopol Rd. We are halfway between downtown Sebastopol and downtown Santa Rosa. For more information please contact Gabrielle Albright

The next Sebastopol swap is in August! An all ages event, we need help reaching out to he back to school crowd! For additional information or to volunteer contact Gabrielle Albright at gabrielle_lite@sonic.

Get To Know Your Bike Class, now by appt; invite your friends! Taught by Shop Manager Michael Teller and core volunteers. Open to all ages and types. Designed for folks new to bike maintenance/repair as well as those needing a refresher. Bring your bike or learn on one of ours! Youth under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Free; donations of parts as well as $$ welcome. Call 707 579-5811 to reserve a spot.

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